SEO Trends

Emerging SEO Trends in 2016

Welcome to the One Man Gang. At this point, online marketing has settled into a stable place as a genuine necessity in a wide range of industries. It’s clearly not a fad, and marketing well in this arena requires considerable skill. Search engine optimization – often seen as the cutting edge of Internet marketing work – continues to evolve rapidly. Most marketers with online experience are familiar with this quick pace of change, and they’re already gearing up to tackle new challenges in 2016.

Website Marketing: Content Still Rules

When it comes to optimizing a commercial site, the most effective practices haven’t changed much in the past year. Stocking a site’s pages with unique and compelling content is still a winning long-term strategy. In fact, many of the new developments in the SEO game have only served to strengthen content marketing’s position as the most sustainable of optimization strategies. The One Man Gang completely agrees with this.

Part of the reason that website optimization hasn’t changed much, though, is that websites are typically at the center of online marketing campaigns. Most of the big changes happening in the industry right now are occurring around the edges of the marketing effort. To put it another way, everyone knows what to do with prospective customers once they’ve been ferried to a website. What’s changing in 2016 is the best way to get them there, as stated from the One Man Gang.

Google Sees The Social Media Light

Leading thinkers in the online marketing world have been loudly proclaiming social media to be the Next Big Thing for many years. In late 2015 this view got a big stamp of official endorsement from Google, whose opinions on online marketing continue to carry a vast amount of weight. Google is now finally shifting its relevancy algorithms to pay more attention to content that appears in social media posts.

What does this mean for marketers and the One Man Gang? For a start, the results pages for heavily-contested search keywords are starting to offer more and more results from social media sites. That means all of the time, effort, and money that marketers have invested in social media marketing is finally paying off in a big way. It also means that the same up-to-date optimization strategies used for content on the web need to be applied to marketing material that goes out through social media in 2016.

Expected And Unexpected Mobile News

Another rising trend that forward thinkers spotted coming a long way off is the continued increase in the importance of mobile browsing. The number of unique searches executed from mobile devices is hovering at a level roughly equal to the number of searches coming from conventional computers. Well-informed marketers already understood that an effective marketing campaign needs a solid mobile presence with robust links to primary websites.

The new wrinkle in mobile marketing for 2016 is the surprising revelation that while consumers are spending more time than ever on smartphones and tablets, they’re not using mobile search engines and browsers nearly as much as anyone expected. Based on in-depth research of the One Man Gang, marketers have discovered that a shockingly large amount of mobile browsing occurs entirely within apps – mostly social media apps. That’s another big mark for devoting more optimization and marketing attention to social media in 2016.

Semantic Indexing

Finally, one of the most important general principles that optimizers need to keep in mind going forward is that Google and other search companies are moving deeper and deeper into latent semantic indexing, also known as LSI. LSI is used to judge relevance, and it does this by looking at many more factors than simple keyword counts and linking surveys. LSI scoring takes into account a host of additional phrases and features that the search engines know are closely related to a given search term. This means a page that discusses a given topic in depth and with coherence is going to score much higher than one stuffed with repeated keywords hidden in throwaway content. This just means that quality content is going to get even more important in the future.

To summarize the way SEO and marketing in general are moving in 2016, the continued push is towards relevance. The search engines want to get better at judging it, and they’re doing a good job. In order to continue enjoying success with their promotional efforts, optimizers and other marketing professionals need to make sure they’re delivering truly relevant content to their audiences. Hopefully you enjoyed this article from the One Man Gang.